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Our Practice

We bring extensive professional experiences to our therapeutic work. Trained in psychodynamic and family systems theory, we have practiced individual, group, couples and family therapy in a variety of settings, public and private. Since opening our full-time private practice in 1981, we have seen people with a range of physical, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual issues. We have also trained other professionals in couples therapy, hypnosis, past life therapy and multigenerational trauma.  

We have found that strict adherence to one approach does not lend itself to helping everyone. Therapy works best when it is collaborative, and our work with our clients has taught us that different approaches work best for different clients. As we are ourselves evolving, we have learned and mastered a range of methods and techniques to address different types of people and a variety of goals and problems.

Our personal and professional journeys have led us to appreciate the importance of the spiritual dimension for healing and growth. While not every client in our practice is interested in spiritually-oriented psychotherapy, the transpersonal or spiritual dimension is an important aspect for many, and a resource for us as clinicians. We have found that connecting to your deepest authentic self often leads naturally to the spiritual realm.