The bulk of our practice is individual, couple and family therapy with adults, adolescents and children. Within these modalities we use a variety of methods and techniques, including the following:

Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness that enhances inner absorption, concentration, focused attention and imagination. This method is used within a safe therapeutic relationship for relaxation, pain control, stress reduction and greater problem solving, among others. In a therapeutic trance your natural hypnotic abilities are enhanced to help you grow and heal.

Past Life Regression Therapy is an extension of conventional psychotherapy that incorporates the spiritual dimension. It extends the boundaries of the past to include experiences from other lifetimes as well as from earlier times in this life. Relationship issues, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, unhealthy and repetitive patterns and certain physical vulnerabilities are among some of the problems past life therapy can help.

EMDR is a powerful mind/body method originally used to deal with trauma, and can be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy or as part of ongoing psychotherapy. While no one knows exactly how EMDR works, it is a physiologically based therapy that seems to have an effect on the way the brain processes information, helping a person reset the normal healing properties of the mind. Disturbing memories that are "stuck" are unfrozen and metabolized, allowing you to have the memories without being upset.

Shamanic Methods are modern day applications of ancient healing traditions that uniquely access nonordinary reality and draw upon spiritual dimensions for help. Nonordinary reality includes the realms outside everyday life. These
techniques can be used within ongoing psychotherapy, as an adjunct, or by themselves. Typically, the practitioner accesses the spiritual dimension by journeying to the spirit world to gain help for the client, and often the client learns to do this for him or herself.

Transpersonal Psychology is an extension of traditional schools of psychology that both studies the spiritual dimension of human experience and applies this understanding to healing and growth. This approach promotes spiritual self-development in whatever form it takes and enhances optimal human potential.

IFS or the Internal Family Systems model is a non-pathologizing framework that works with the individual's subpersonalities or "parts" with the goal of achieving internal harmony. A key component is the primacy of each person's core Self, the transcending essence in each of us, which is harnessed and encouraged to lead in the therapy process.

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